It is indeed a privilege in addressing you, Habib Intl. Pvt Ltd. takes pride being the leading vendor of outsourced manpower and wants to humbly thank all the national and international associates and clients, who trusted us enough to make this possible. Nepalese professionals are the most pursued in every sector globally, for their intellectual , technical , physical and adaptive abilities , and when it comes to outsourcing manpower, we are the reputed company which off shore employers as well as nepalese professionals finds dependable enough.

Today my vision is set on raising the status of nepalese people by providing the job opportunities in every sector globally. In all these years of experience , I learnt one very simple yet very significant lesson ” The need of the society is like a ocean and the service we provide are mere drop so i am now determined to add as many drops as i can and say to myself with contentment , i tried my best . I assure our clients, trust in us will motivate us to furthur improve our performance. I am grateful to all our clients , stakeholders, partners and employees for placing their trust in us.